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Flush Sash Windows 

Flush sash windows are the latest exciting development in PVCu windows, combining the realistic appearance of pre-1932 timber windows with the 21st century benefits of thermally efficient, lead-free PVCu. Ideal for traditional properties where timber would usually be used, the window sash fits flush into the frame and can be foiled with factory-fitted woodgfrain effect foils for a perfect finish.

Contemporary, modern buildings can also benefit from flush sash windows, as the sleek lines and slim frames are ideal - why not try a flat grey finish for the look of aluminium windows with the thermal properties of PVCu?

Flush sash windows from Midland Glass Co are manufactured in-house using the latest techniques and hand-finished for the highest quality.

Available in sculptured (curved) profile with flush finish on external faces, Liniar flush sash windows are made to your exact requirements.

  •   Fully internally glazed
  •   White, Oak, Rosewood, Foiled on white and Cream (Sculptured only) coloured options available off the shelf.
  •   Additional foiled colours available on request including Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Red, Black & Irish Oak.
  •   High security hinges fitted as standard.
  •    Egress / Easy clean fire escape hinges and restrictor hinges also available.
  •   Maco rail or Shoot bolt locking.
  •   Trickle vents where required.
  •   A choice of White, Gold, Chrome, Black and Smokey Chrome casement handles.

See the full range of options for the Liniar flush sash window range by visiting the Liniar website now .