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Solar Control 

Solar Control – Ideal for South facing windows

Benefits for the homeowner:

The sun emits…

  • 55% infra-red radiation – we feel this as heat.
  • 42% visible light – we see this as light.
  • 3% ultra-violet rays (UV) – these are invisible to the naked eye.

In some rooms in our house we need to control the heat from the sun. Otherwise we run the risk of making our room feel like a “greenhouse” and overheat.

Solar control glass allows us to control the amount of heat that comes into our rooms.

Glass such as Planitherm One or Planitherm 4S control this heat from the sun and are ideal for South facing windows or large expanses of glass such as in Bi-fold doors or Patio doors.

The product range:

SGG Planitherm One:

Perfect for South facing windows or large Bio-fold/Patio doors as it ensures the heat from your radiators stay in the room but it doesn’t “overheat” with the heat from the sun
Web link: http://www.glassolutions.co.uk/products/sgg-planitherm-one

SGG Planitherm 4S:

Perfect for conservatory windows as it maximises keeping the heat in your conservatory but reflects the sun’s heat away so it doesn’t overheat in the summer months. 
Web link: http://www.glassolutions.co.uk/products/sgg-planitherm-4s