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Self Cleaning 

Self-Cleaning glass

Homeowner Benefits:

SGG Bioclean range offers easy-maintenance reducing the need for manual cleaning of the window glass.

Ideal for conservatory roofs.

In rainy conditions, the glass remains clear, providing better visibility.

How it works:

The coating on the glass is activated by the sun’s UV rays to break down dirt and grime, loosening it from the surface of the window. When raindrops fall on the surface of the glass, they form a water film which cleans the glass without leaving a residue.

Adding SGG Planitherm 4S is perfect for conservatory windows as it maximises keeping the heat in your conservatory but reflects the sun’s heat away so it doesn’t overheat in the summer months.

Web link: http://www.glassolutions.co.uk/products/sgg-bioclean