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Noise Control 

Noise Control – Keeping the noise out

Benefits for the homeowner:

Keeping unwanted noise out of our homes is becoming more important.

From traffic noise to noisy neighbours.

Reducing noise can help our:


A good night’s sleep is crucially important for our bodies


Helps us get out of bed on the right side.


Fewer distractions helps us stay focused.

 The product range:

SGG Planitherm Total+

Ideal for: a living room within a quiet location.

                              Web link:  http://www.glassolutions.co.uk/products/sgg-planitherm-total            


Stadip Silence 6.8mm & SGG Planitherm Total+.

Ideal for: Bedrooms where noise such as road traffic is an issue.

                              Web link:  http://www.glassolutions.co.uk/products/sgg-stadip-silence


Want to know more…

Please visit the Glazing Federations recent article on how you can reduce noise in your home (link: http://www.ggf.org.uk/publication/acoustics_how_glazing_can_help_reduce_noise_entering_the_home)